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Online reviews are one of the most important factors for consumers searching online, but asking for those reviews is often an after-thought. We create a platform that automates asking your customers for reviews and increases your reputation all on autopilot!


Local Clean Up

Let us clean up your local listings. Did you move, change business names, or get a new phone number? If you have inconsistent or incorrect citations (local listings) it can hurt your ability to rank - AND send customers to the wrong places!


Local Listings

When customers search for local services, often times local directories show up in the search results like Yelp, Yellowpages, Trip Advisor, and more. With our local listing service, we manually place you in the top directories for your office and area.


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Advanced Strategy
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High Quality, Diverse Link Building
High-Quality Blog Content
Manually Built Custom Citations

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You’ve Got Questions?

Being a local dentist, you've built your reputation to stand out in the neighborhood or block. Passed out flyers, business cards, and set up billboards or signs to direct new patient traffic to your business. Physically, you have been doing all of this to keep business coming in.

Why not do the same online? There are so many ways to advertise but the most effective and efficient is through organic search online. People searching through Google, Bing, and Yahoo are your potential new patients that you want to capture, but if your not near the top, you are loosing out and the competition snags all of those new patients.

What can you do? Get to the top. By using a combination of strategies, there are ways to help Google and the search engines to let them know what type of business you are and what you should be showing for. When potential patients use different keywords, (pediatric dentist in Utah) your business should be right up at the top to get these new patients in the door.

How do you do this? With Truss Media, we provide services that will be customized to your business. No matter where you're at with SEO results, we will take a look at your site, rankings, and other factors which will help you climb up the search results. Here are the services that most apply to your local business and that will help your get to the top.


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Why Is Structure Important?

Think about the tallest building you know. Maybe it's in New York City or Dubi. How do these buildings stand so tall without falling? Dedicated engineer teams spend countless hours finding ways to make and keep these buildings structurally sound. Why wouldn't you do the same for your business's marketing strategy?

empire state building.jpg

Stand Taller Than Your Competition

Building a sound structure with Search Engine Optimization, Social Advertising, and Email Marketing as your framework will help you stand taller than your competition. Use our dedicated team to help build your business.

Whether your business is just starting or has been around for years, we take a ground-up approach. Analyzing everything starting with the structure of your current site, advertising campaigns, and email marketing. After a thorough analysis, we begin building the framework of your strategy and implementation that will beat out the competition.

Meet Kyle - Owner & Founder of Truss Media


"Truss Media was built from a need for businesses to have structure in place. Too many times I saw SEO companies try to help businesses without making sure the foundation was built. Resulting in a failing SEO campaign."

Kyle has worked in the digital marketing space for the past 6 years. During this time, he worked with many dental companies to help grow their online presence through SEO. He worked with local dentists, pediatricians, and endodontists. He has worked with, Copper Creek Endodontics, Kochiever Endodontics, Burg Pediatrics, Mountain View Pediatric Dentist, and The Smile Ranch Dentist.