Why TRUSS Media?

Because we support your business with your Digital Marketing needs. Build a lasting structure for your business is key. Start your marketing strategy so your business will with stand anything. 



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Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways you will keep your business ahead of the market. Building a structure takes time, but in the end is so worth it and long lasting. Don't wait to start your SEO strategy.

Social Advertising

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Social Advertising is the go to for growing and scaling your business. Taking advantage of in-depth targeting and analysis of your customer will create a structure that won't fall. Start your advertising now.

Email Marketing


Email is here to stay. People say email is dead, but for most companies it's one of the cheapest ways to bring in business and customers. Building an automation will help you stay on top of your clients and customers.



Why Is Structure Important?

Think about the tallest building you know of. Maybe it's in New York City or Dubi. How do these buildings stand so tall without falling? Dedicated engineer teams spend countless hours finding ways to make and keep these buildings structurally sound. Why wouldn't you do the same for your businesses marketing strategy?

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Stand Taller Than Your Competition

Building a sound structure with Search Engine Optimization, Social Advertising, and Email Marketing as your framework will help you stand taller than your competition. Use our dedicated team to help build your business.

Whether your business is just starting or has been around for years, we take a ground up approach. Analyzing everything starting with the structure of your current site, advertising campaigns, and email marketing. After a deep analysis, we begin building the frame work of your strategy and implementation that will beat out the competition.


About Kyle:

Why do I make such a big deal out of structure? Too many times I jump into helping a business and see their website has zero structure. We live in a digital age. Why would you leave your website hanging in the balance with no structure? I've worked the past 5 years in the digital marketing space. 4 years working with marketing agencies and one year under a brand. Working in the agency life, I learned so much about the different types of business there are out there that need marketing services. Local service, SaaS, B2B, and Ecommerce businesses all needed help from the ground up. Not a lot of agencies took a ground up approach. Some that I worked with started right where the client was and tried to build the business from where they stood. This doesn't work. This doesn't mean ripping the whole business down, but more looking at it from ground up and coming up with stratagies that will support a ground up overhall in your marketing funnels and business.

What They Say...

“Kyle took my business from just starting out to ranking for national terms even with us being a local service oriented business. And yes, of course we rank for the local terms. My books are full month after month from people finding me in Google search.”
– Brows By Whitney